ChicaPRenerus: Creatives and Food Ventures

Creatives mean Business Summer ‘17 Edition: Creatives & Food Ventures

An intimate conversation with Food Stylist, Tastemaker, Mariana Velásquez ( and Food Tech Entrepreneur, Catherine Cuello-Fuente of GreenHopping ( on what it takes to build a successful food centric creative business.

The seasonal events, Creatives mean Business, set the stage for diverse voice s in the creative industries to share what it takes to go from dreaming an idea to creating a viable business path. Stay tuned for the next edition in June.

Photography by: Viviana Buxeda

Michelle Perez Kenderish and Dyanis De Jesús
Catherine Cuello-Fuente and Carissa-Ann Santos
Love Grace
Mariana Velasquez and Michelle Perez Kenderish
Mariana Velasquez
Catherine Cuello-Fuente
It doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes the cake doesn't work. Mariana Velasquez
I lost an ovary but it was an explosion of creativity, it was my awakening. Catherine Cuello-Fuente

Dyanis De Jesús, Mariana Velasquez, Catherine Cuello-Fuente and Michelle Perez Kenderish