A community that brings together creative entrepreneurs and cultural innovators for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

What we do

ChicaPReneurs was established in 2014 to foster real relationships and serve the needs of creatives, do’ers and social innovators who are leading independent projects and ventures between New York City and Puerto Rico. We call this aca y allá (here and there).
ChicaPReneurs comes to life as in person gatherings in intimate, informative settings to:


our creative ventures


our accomplishments


from each other


ideas and productivity


There are currently an estimated 53 million people or 34% of the workforce in the US who are self-employed, freelancing, starting businesses and chasing dreams (Forbes). If the freelance economy is the new normal, how do we connect with like-minded people and build relationships around common interests as solo-preneurs?

Our vision is to fill the void in quality peer to peer knowledge sharing opportunities among creative women to foster solidarity, promote good ideas, share our work and our stories with the goal of sparking connections and stimulating creative commerce.

As creatives we want greater freedom in how we design our lives, our businesses and our dreams. We want to be the owners of our ideas and we want to be in many places at once while staying connected to our roots, to who we are and to each other.


ChicaPReneurs are bilingual (English/Spanish) influencers and active creative entrepreneurs from Puerto Rico who are New York-based, with diverse professional backgrounds and ventures. You can meet the core community here.

Para Qué

Our goal is to grow our events through collaboration with a curated list of sponsors who want to engage with creative and cultural innovators.


Chica or Chico, every PReneur is welcome.
Write Us to collaborate.


Tel: (312) 420-6395 / (202) 905-8303
Email: contacto@chicapreneurs.com

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