Together we proved the Power of Female Networks!

Our Creatives mean Business Summer Edition last June 14 at WeWork offered a thought-provoking conversation to our attendees. And because we really learned a lot from Dee Poku, the founder of WIE and The Other Festival, and Melissa Wong from New Women Space, here are the key takeaways for future reference… we know they will come in handy:

You have to create the community you want to see

  • During her professional development, Dee never saw women who looked and thought like her. She launched WIE to create an event that addressed the experiences of women. “As women, our needs are uniquely ours.”
  • Melissa reminded us that everybody has this need, but women haven’t had the support built into the system. “People want to be seen, they want to be heard, they want to feel that they’re just as legitimate and valid as anybody else. Historically, women haven’t been on that same equal footing with men”.

Stop thinking networking is a dirty word

  • Melissa and her partner developed their idea by asking for feedback from their friends and family. They found their space through a neighbor, and launched it with Kickstarter funding. These are all examples of seeking help and listening to your community.
  • Dee doubled down on that idea, stating that everything she’s achieved has been through her network. “Sometimes you’re doing the giving, and sometimes you’re doing the taking: and it’s all okay,” she assured us.

Communities are formed by repetition

  • Being part of a community takes work. It’s good to be part of a diverse group of communities, but as Melissa said: “If you’re going to a different event every single night of the week and you never see the same people, you’re not really going to have a community”.

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The Power of Female Networks is part of the Creatives Mean Business Series, which brings together creative entrepreneurs and cultural innovators for intimate conversation and knowledge exchange, to foster honest discussion and real relationship building.

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